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Jesus I Come

Awaken Generation is a band born in Singapore that creates refreshing songs which are a powerful source of blessing for the local and international church. Its leaders Calvin and Alarice are passionate people who love God and worship Him unreservedly.

I was especially moved by this song when I was struggling in my relationship with God. At the time, He was challenging me to give up something to pursue Him (Hebrews 12:1). But I was unwilling. When I heard the lyrics “if you are leading me into deeper waters may I not refuse”, I was convicted.

This song is a personal dedication of your entire being to God. “I am Yours” and “I surrender” are powerful words yet they cannot be flippant. This song is the climax of our relationship with God - the ultimate declaration of us being God’s. Do not sing it lightly! May we walk closer with God each day and come to a place of total surrender when we get a glimpse of His glory and goodness. Only then will we be able to sing this song with all our hearts.

Artist: Awaken Generation (Singapore)

(Song also available on Spotify and Apple Music)


Asaph Lee is part of a home church who calls themselves Living Water Fellowship. A teacher by training, he has been passionate about music since he joined his school’s military band in 1998. He enjoys leading worship to help people experience God. He is married to Gaylin with two boys aged 7 and 5.

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