The history of IMPACT Magazine:

The very first issue of Impact magazine was published in December 1976. For some who know a bit more about the history of the magazine, Impact's predecessor was the "YOUTH" magazine which first appeared in Nov 1968! It was sold for 50 cents but cost 51 cents just to print it. What a startling start! Those days, the printer could only cost the price after the product had been produced!! Later, "YOUTH" gave way to "TAMI" (Teens Are Most Important) and "IMPACT".

We have been ministering for over 40 years since 1976. Our magazine is a bi-monthly publication of IMPACT Christian Communications Ltd stationed here in Singapore and serving the greater Southeast Asia region as well as pastors from the two-third world. We are an interdenominational Christian organisation and a member of the Evangelical Alliance of Singapore (Formerly known as Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore).

IMPACT is a bi-monthly, interdenominational Christian magazine helping working adults apply godly principles to contemporary issues of immediate concern. We continue to play a complementary role to the pulpit. It is our joy to find capable and committed writers who have the bandwidth and depth to deal with their respective subject areas. We also seek to provide a wealth of resources and encouragement to pastors and leaders in the two-third world through our Third-World (TW) Sponsorship programme.


"Christianity in Asia. Our mission is to empower working adults to apply Godly principles to contemporary issues of immediate concern."

If you like what you read, would you consider giving to the ministry of IMPACT so that we can continue to empower Christians to apply biblical principles to contemporary issues that they face everyday?

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