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The Very Next Thing

There’s not much more to be said when you’re reviewing a Multi-Platinum, Grammy-winning band. Casting Crowns’ fifteenth release and eighth studio album comes off the back of the band reaching the 10-million album sales mark.

Remarkably, despite all the accolades, Casting Crowns remain servants of the local church. They spend weekdays on tour keeping weekends for their church family.

One of the hallmarks of any Casting Crowns track is an openness and clarity about the Gospel at work pressed up against the reality of life. They don’t seem to want to waste time being overly clever. They simply have an unabashed commitment to reality that’s earthy and human and accessible and ultimately helpful in a lasting way.

I have no doubt we are going to meet many Christians in the new creation who are there because of Casting Crowns’ songs. Long may their album sales continue for the growth of the church to the glory of Christ!

The Very Next Thing

Casting Crowns, 2016 Provident

About the reviewer:

When not spending time with his girls, Elliot Ng may be found playing football, making photographs or grooving to a beat.

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