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From the Depths of Woe by Indelible Grace

From The Depths of Woe is a song performed by artist collective Indelible Grace, with lyrics by Martin Luther based on Psalm 130. The song begins with a melancholic atmosphere, as plucking banjo guitars and a simple electric guitar melody set the stage. The first two verses maintain that atmosphere, and the minor key they are sung in do a good job of supplementing the lyrics: “From the depths of woe I raise to Thee / the voice of lamentation / Lord, turn a gracious ear to me / and hear my supplication”.

The third verse signals a shift, both in the lyrical and melodical mood of the song. Whereas the first two verses speak on the “depths of woe” we must sometimes find ourselves in when we approach God and the futility of our works to save us from our sins, the last three verses triumphantly declare the hope and salvation we find in the Lord. This is likewise felt in the music, as it switches to a major key and builds gradually to the end of the song.

Overall, this is one of my favorite pieces of Christian music. The lyrics are scripturally-based and well-crafted, and the music is similarly well put together, with the singing duet of Andrew Osenga and Emily Deloach doing a wonderful job of conveying the emotional progression of the song. It also works great as a congregational song, as it follows a simple hymnlike structure and doesn’t require a large vocal range to sing along to. I highly recommend you give this a listen; I doubt you will be disappointed.

Reviewer: Joshua Carpenter plays the piano and cajon for his church. He dreams of one day accumulating enough useless knowledge to be on the trivia knowledge show, Jeopardy.

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