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Making Sense Of God. An Invitation to the Skeptical.

Making Sense follows Keller’s The Reason for God and addresses those who see not only Christianity but all faiths, as leaps in the dark and in contradiction to science, reason and technology. Concentrating more on the emotive and cultural than the rational, Keller presents some of the most common questions raised by agnostics and sceptics, quoting notable ones.

Keller helpfully distinguishes between three aspects of secularity, drawing on philosopher Charles Taylor’s work. Keller’s support of a “truly secular state… in which people of all kinds of faiths, including those with secular beliefs, could freely contribute, communicate, coexist, and cooperate in mutual respect and peace” (p 3- 4) contributes to safe space for enquiry. To counter popular misconceptions, he shows that religion, particularly Christianity, is not declining but growing—not just in numbers but also influence. In the middle is the mother lode of Keller’s newer and more engaging material: a comparison of Christianity and secularism with things such as meaning, satisfaction, freedom, identity, hope, morals and justice. The 68 pages of notes at the end are worth reading as well. Conversational and pastoral in tone, Keller’s invitation is worth picking up, not only for the sceptic but also believers.

(The book is available from SKS Bookstore. Information provided below.)

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