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Unbroken Praise To God For Generations To Come

The Christian worship leader and songwriter who brought us well-loved classics like "The heart of worship", "Once again", "Blessed be Your Name" and "10,000 reasons", has released his latest Christian album with eleven newly written songs. Redman has stayed consistent and honest in the way he writes his songs in his years as a Christian artist.

With so many new worship songs being produced all around the world today, it has been an ongoing struggle in many churches in recent years to try to strike a balance in the choice of worship songs that will minister to both young and older Christians. Matt Redman is one of the few artistes whose earlier songs have journeyed with a lot of older Christians. At the same time, the younger generation is able to relate to his newer songs, which are relevant to the generation before them.

The tempo of most of the songs is moderate. Even the fast songs do not feel hurried. The lyrics are sing-able and congregational. I believe there are many songs from this album that would resonate with the listener. The title of the album is apt; may the Christian’s praise to God remain unbroken for generations to come.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Sia. She is a foodie's wife. She and her husband enjoy exploring different parts of Singapore and Malaysia to rediscover food that still preserves the good old taste.

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