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Aug+Sep 2023 ISSUE:

Surely I Deserve A Little More Than This?  |  Five Overlooked Things To Be Thankful For  |  Raising A Grateful Child  |  God Opened Doors

Take Another Look

Radical Love: God’s Design for Strong Families

God’s eternal plan for His church and all of society centers around the stability and nurturing love that strong families provide.

Do Christians make better friends?

Meet Boris, Doris, Horace, Iris and Maurice… if you dare

Discipling Your Family

Rediscovering our roles as spiritual parents

Developing A Christian Worldview

Apologetics for teens

Follow First, Lead Later

The sense in the sequence

Have hope? Say so!

Has God done something – anything – truly wonderful for you? Then let it out.

Running On Empty?

Prayerlessness is not an option

My Sheep hears My Voice

We must know God’s Word thoroughly so as to identify God’s voice.

Vol 47 no. 4

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IMPACT Magazine

Worth A Thought

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people"

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Aerial View of River

Take Another Look

Little nuggets of wisdom from the yesteryears

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