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"Christianity in Asia. Our mission is to empower working adults to apply Godly principles to contemporary issues of immediate concern."


No; We Won't Go


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In this issue : Hell, no; we won't go | Rescuing those in living hell | I never knew you | 

A panel response

to hell


Let's Hear It Again

The world is desperately in need of leaders who can lead the people ‘home’, to places of safety and security. Yet ultimate safety and security is only possible as we look to the sovereign Lord of the heaven and the earth, the good Shepherd who has laid down His life for His sheep. We cry out to Him. ‘Wherever He leads, I will follow. I shall not fear.’

—  Patrick Fung

OMF General Director, "Whose button is it?" OMF Millions Magazine May-August 2018

God never met him (or her) before.
Kings sometimes do.
You and I meet him (or her) every day.

Fill in the blanks:

A phrase with 2 words: _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

(3 letter word and a 5 letter word).

Answer: His Equal

*Answer to the quiz posted in Closing Thoughts (Aug/Sep 2019 issue).