How To Be A 1st Class Investor

Dr Ansgar Cheng shares his thoughts

Investment really begins and ends with stewardship. From that base, further decisions tend to be sensible and safe.

Addicted To Porn

Providing a way out

Porn is a prison. But there’s a way out; provided there’s a desire to get out and be freed

A Love Gone Wrong

How to know if you are in an abusive relationship

From bliss to blisters: how a marriage can turn sour then really bad. Practical tips.

A Different Kind Of Generosity

Truly the thought that counts

Sharing starts with the heart, It tells the head what to do and is revealed in behaviour. How beautiful the result. A lesson which children can exhibit and there’s the biblical example in Barnabas the Levite.

Aerial View of River

Take Another Look

Little nuggets of wisdom from the yesteryears