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Discipling Your Family

Rediscovering our roles as spiritual parents

When was the last time you discussed the spiritual state and nurture of your children with your wife or your husband? For many of us, we may not actually recall if we ever did. Even if we did have conversations approximating a discussion about our children’s spiritual journey, the numbers of such conversations pale in comparison to our attention to their school work.

Developing A Christian Worldview

Apologetics for teens

How do we cultivate a Christian worldview in our teenagers? It’s an especially good question for teens because teenagerdom is that time when they move beyond the child’s simple acceptance into a period of questioning. They’re also vulnerable: not only are they wondering about the ground of all existence, and stressed about exams, but weird things are happening to their bodies, and to their families (who are starting to become embarrassing), and to people of the opposite sex.

Follow First, Lead Later

The sense in the sequence

The best lessons on Leadership begin with Service and Servanthood. You earn the right to lead; Your followers understand you’ve walked in their shoes before. They willingly choose to follow you...

Have hope? Say so!

Do you have hope? Good on you! Many people around you don’t. Share with them how you got yours … and they can get theirs, too.

Running On Empty?

Prayerlessness is not an option

Corrie Ten Boom famously asked, “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” How are you driven to prayer since prayerlessness is not an option. Start your engines.

My Sheep hears My Voice

The most common questions that I have been asked are: “When I hear something either audibly or as an impression, how do I know if it is indeed God who is speaking or other voices? After I ask the Lord for directions, how do I know if what I hear is from God, Satan or myself?”

Good Tree, Bad Fruit?

Why do good parents have bad offspring? It can happen and here’s how to proceed from there.

101 Ways to a Better Friendship

There must be 101 ways to a better friendship, but these 2 should set us on our way

Dementia and the Personal Care-giver

Care-giving is more than art; it is heart. But beware not to be overwhelmed by it. Close but not too close – here’s why and how.

It’s the 70 times 7 times that really bugs us, right?

What’s easy to talk about and hard to do?

Forgiveness is good for us. It is that powerful pill we swallow that brings real health to our bones and being. When we forgive, we unlock our own prison.

It Can Be Done

Preparing passionate young adults for the working world

The battle is not done. It is not a “lost cause”. The church can prepare the young adults to be God-passionate in their outlook and be spiritually and pragmatically effective.

Educated Lungs

Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale. Exhale. With every breath, be grateful. Let the praises flow.

Aerial View of River

Take Another Look

Little nuggets of wisdom from the yesteryears

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