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I Once Talked With Spirits

I was about seven when I first had the nightmare in which I fell from the roof of a building. The nightmare recurred several times. This was followed by dreams of being chased by ghosts, scaring me awake.

IMPACT | I once talked with spirits

You would think this would distance me from the occult. Instead, I started to play spirit board games, owned tarot cards, watched paranormal shows, read books about witchcraft and anything about the occult. I went together with my friends to visit ‘haunted’ houses and places in Singapore just for the thrill of it.

Meanwhile, my sister and I briefly visited a church on an invitation of our tutor.

Then my nightmares worsened. I found myself physically pinned to my bed. I just could not move and had to struggle for a while before the feeling of heaviness left, and I could move again.

The following day, the feeling of uneasiness came again. I tried to brush it off and sleep. At about 2 or 3 am, I suddenly woke up and could not move again. This time, my heart was beating very fast as I saw two heads floating in the air. They were speaking to me but I could not make out what they were saying. I panicked and repeatedly chanted mantras I learned from the temple. But the heads remained there. I don’t remember how long they stayed. They said that they would be back and left, and then I was able to move. The following weeks I was tormented as similar incidents happened, with different spirits. My mum brought me to a medium. I went through rituals, and the spirits were gone. But the sense of oppression did not go away; I had to carry a talisman with me all the time. I started to see a wraith-like figure and was able to feel and hear the spirits.

IMPACT | I once talked with spirits

I started to communicate more with the spirits through tarot cards. My interpretation was so good that I even helped my friends to seek answers and direction.

In Apr 2014, after years in the corporate world, I was laid off. I found another job five months later but my boss challenged my professionalism. I was angry, vengeful and bitter. A voice told me to resign, so I did it without a second thought.

Soon after, due to an economic downturn, my husband’s business did not do well and I had no income, so money was tight. With more worries, the nightmares returned. The only way I knew to deal with my nightmare was to visit temples and read tarot cards.

During this period, the voices became louder. Once, a voice convinced me to open the window. I looked down, thinking, “Should I jump?” But a gentler voice then asked, “Do you really want to jump? What about your family? They will be very sad. Close the window now.” For some reason, I obeyed, closed the window and walked away. At that time, I simply thought I had no guts to jump.

One day, at a very low point, I was at home crying. I knelt down and prayed to the temple deities for help. Somehow at the end I suddenly cried out, “God, if You are there please help me.”

Shortly after, I met up with a Christian friend for an insurance matter. At the end of our conversation, I simply told her about my nightmares, ability and sensitivity to spirits. Weeks later, when I met up with her again, she said that I could be in the midst of a spiritual battle and mentioned, “Jesus remembers you.” I was so touched. She then showed me a Bible and asked me to read a sentence. My mind was in a blur and I couldn’t really hear what she was saying as I tried to read. To my surprise, I could see the words but could not make out what they were. This was particularly weird as we had just read the menu and ordered some food. When I asked her to read to me, I could only hear mumbles. She decided to pray for me and asked if I was willing to allow Jesus to come to my home. I agreed.

That very night, I had an intense dream: I was inside a dome-shaped shelter, surrounded by many people wearing white robes. They told me to stay inside the dome for safety. Someone outside the dome was calling my name and claiming that he would beat me up if I didn’t come out but I felt safe inside the dome, so I stayed. Then I woke up feeling weird but peaceful.

The following weeks, my friend sent me some Bible passages to read at home: Psalms 23, 35, 139 and Isaiah 48: 8-13. The dreams got weirder.

One night in September 2015, I woke up from a nightmare. I saw a dark round opaque mist in the corner of my bedroom. My heart was pounding and I was scared. At that moment, I declared loudly, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, GET OUT!” and immediately, it flew into the opposite wall and disappeared. I had witnessed the power of Jesus!

After that day, I yearned for peaceful and restful sleep without nightmares and disturbances, and in my heart I knew the only answer was to follow Jesus. John 10:10 says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” I told my friend that I was ready to embrace Jesus. On 18 Sep, I read the sinner’s prayer and embraced God. I started attending church and went through healing.

Other areas of my life have also changed. Matthew 6:33 says,“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Between Oct and Dec 2015, my mom and husband came to Jesus. On 1 Apr 2016, I landed a good job in an industry in which I had no experience. My husband and other family members have noted the change in my temperament. I am much calmer, less anxious, and less critical about things and people around me.

On 13 Nov, I was baptised. I can now sleep very peacefully every night − no more nightmares, and the negative voices have stopped.

Over one whole year, I changed dramatically from a person who just relied on herself to one who needs Jesus’ voice for directions. Isaiah 43:2 (NIV) says,“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” My journey right now is like an adventure together with Jesus. Each time I have a problem or face a hurdle, I just call upon His name and He will lead me from the rocky road to the smooth pavement. His yoke is really so much lighter and easier to carry as compared to our own burdens (Mt 11:30).

I am grateful to Jesus who died on the cross for a sinner like me, giving me the chance to repent and be redeemed, and His grace also extends to my family. I have witnessed His power and authority over spirits, demons and our lives, and the true meaning of God’s word. In Him we find peace and life.

IMPACT | I once talked with spirits

Priscilla Fong is a food lover. She is now working for a food company that allows her to work, bake, eat and travel at the same time.

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